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Walking Canes & Parasols, Umbrellas at Stripper Plus Clubwear

Walking canes, umbrellas, parasols and other accessories are a step back in time and an unexpected cool fashion accessory for today.

Step out in style!

Stroll the boulevards with a touch of style from days gone by. A parasol keeps the sun off a ladies face protecting her delicate complexion with a touch of lace. Her gentleman strolls beside her, gently tapping the tip of his walking stick to the ground before them.

From Downton Abbey to NCIS (Abby with our elegant black Battenburg Lace Parasol left), parasols are an elegant and unexpected fashion accessory.

Not just functional, our collection of umbrellas, parasols, and walking stick canes are a fashion accessory with true style. Find the perfect parasol for your steampunk costume or wedding day, a gentleman's walking cane, or a special umbrella for those rainy days.

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