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Fantasy Costumes for Men at Stripper Plus Clubwear

Sexy men's costumes for the bedroom, fetish wear, or stripper wear are skimpy, sexy, and just plain fun! Shop our collection of bondage lingerie today.

Fantasy Costumes for Men at Stripper Plus Clubwear

Show off your ripped body!

The movie Magic Mike stirred a renewed interest in male strippers and sexy male fetish wear - a good thing as far as I am concerned!

This collection of sexy stuff for men is great for the bedroom...or on stage for male exotic performers and strippers. From skimpy g-strings and thongs for men, to leather bondage harnesses and other fun pieces to show off in, these men's costumes are sure to please and tease!

Latex clothing, bondage lingerie, bondage gear for men and male bondage inspired sets are fun for the male performer, fetish clubs, BDSM and so much more.  (and for even more male bondage, strap-on and fun, check out our store for adults only, Leather Studded Kisses.)

Make your own magic!